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Pet Insurance

I can't stress enough the importance of getting pet insurance. I found this out the hard way. My first pet was a beautiful black cat I found as a stray. I never bothered to get pet insurance for her because from the time she was a kitten she was never sick and never left the house so I figured it was a waste of money. Fast forward to 15 years later I'm in and out of the vet on a near monthly basis with bills continuously adding up. What could I do? Not get my cat the help she needed? Let her suffer? Put her down? Of course not. This cat was a part of me, I would do whatever...

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Why Us?

Our recipes are perfectly balanced and complete. Created by a certified pet nutritionist. Always check with your veterinarian before switching diets and always make the change slowly to not upset sensitive tummies. We started cooking fresh to help our own dogs and it turned into a labor of love. I often find myself wondering what if, what if I had known then what I know now would it have changed things? If I had started out feeding my little Lucy fresh food would she have gotten cancer and had to have her leg amputated? Did feeding her the commercial dog food do this to her? Am I to blame? I was the one that fed this to her. The guilt...

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