USDA Certified Human Grade Dog Food

We use only restaurant quality USDA Certified meats and veggies in everything we cook because why not give our fur babies the best? Our dog food is cooked in a USDA commercial kitchen in lower Manhattan that is used for human food companies so you can trust your dog will be getting the best. We learned the hard way that commercial dog food isn't good for our dogs so we're making it our mission to help other dog owners keep their pets as healthy as possible so you can have them around longer. 

Commercial dog food is a self regulated industry which means the big companies make the rules that they follow. All they are looking out for is their bottom line not your pets health. 

Commercial dog food brands are allowed to use ingredients that can be rendered which are left over from the human food processing plants, leftovers from slaughter houses, dead farm animals, rotten meat and even euthanized pets from animal shelters. 

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