Dog Food Delivery Topper Plan - 3 Paws Kitchen
Dog Food Delivery Topper Plan - 3 Paws Kitchen

Dog Food Delivery Topper Plan

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Our 3 Paws Kitchen Dog Food Delivery Topper Plan lets you mix our food with your dogs current food. Perfect for dogs that tire of their current meal. Our 3 Paws Kitchen topper plan contains 14 (16oz) packs of your choice Gluten Free Beef Stew, Low Fat Chicken Pasta or a Combination of both. So you can feed your dog a little or mix half their current food with ours. No subscription! Purchase as needed. Shipped frozen, thaw 24hrs before use.


Our healthy and delicious dog food recipes are formulated by the top certified pet nutritionists in the business with your dog in mind! Great for dogs with allergies, overweight dogs, senior dogs and picky eaters. Our low fat chicken pasta recipe and gluten free beef stew recipes are designed with balanced nutrients of protein, fat, fiber, and necessary vitamins and minerals that your dog requires to sustain a long and healthy life. Our recipes contain simple and natural ingredients you can pronounce and would feed to your own family with no rendered or low quality proteins, chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers or extra fats. Studies show that pets live long healthier lives with diets based on home cooked meals. Invest in your dogs health now to avoid unnecessary costs at the vets office in the future. Make the change to fresh food today and watch your dog flourish. What's your dog having for dinner tonight?

Beef Stew


Chicken Pasta