We love all dogs but we have a special soft spot for dogs in need so we are donating a portion of our proceeds to our neighborhood shelters. Both my dogs are rescues and growing up all our animals came from shelters so giving back to animals in need of love is very important. #adoptdontshop

Our dog Pike was rescued by my boyfriend Cory right outside the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey. He saw someone throw him out the window of the car and being the huge animal lover like myself he jumped out of the car and chased the frightened dog up and down the highway trying to catch him. Eventually he managed to catch him and get him to safety. My boyfriend took him to the Liberty Humane Society and told them he found him on the highway. He had a broken leg and bite marks all over him. They told Cory that they believed he was being used as a bait dog to train fight dogs. The shelter gave him the name Turnpike and sent my boyfriend home. The next day Cory called to check on the dog when he couldn't get the thought of him out of his head. No one came looking for him and he was the only small dog alone at the shelter. The big softy he is, my boyfriend returned to the shelter, adopted him and brought him home where he's been with us ever since. He got a new name too, Pike. Pike is by far the sweetest boy and has no residual issues stemming from his past life. 

Lucy our 3 legged chihuahua was adopted from North Shore Animal League. The shelter freed her from a puppy mill in LA. She was over a year old so she was much less expensive than the puppies available. We lovingly refer to her as my clearance puppy. 

Since our launch we have donated food and made donations to Liberty Humane Society, North Shore Animal League and Animal Haven Animal Shelter. We love giving back because every dog deserves good nutrition. 

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